President of Longhand LLC 

My work as a professional journalist examines how the spread of computing into every device and across every human interaction changes everything and everyone forever. A few popular pieces:

Awesome, I know. But I got older, exactly as everyone before me has, and so decided to redouble my efforts to live as long and fully as possible. I soon discovered, however, that too much, maybe most of today’s life extension breakthroughs are designed for the super-wealthy by the genius-crazy. Worse, with none of them realizing that radical longevity demands we align our godly powers with God’s teachings — or else terminate our existence.

Hacking Mortality was born.

I have been tasked to help lead you to the future.

There is a right path forward, availing itself to all who believe.

And for those that ask, yes, I am aware that Moses did not make it into the promised land.