What if we are meant to live forever?

Of course you don’t believe.

How can you?

It’s impossible.

But think of how the impossible continues to be made real, commonplace, even. Not only with things, but of life. For centuries, even those of stout faith would not dare honestly believe virgin birth possible — yet now there are test tube babies. Very old women, long presumed barren, can now give birth  — using another’s egg cells. And the resurrection of life? Literally possible! Though admittedly, still not for humans. But is even this only a matter of time? In digital form, it seems a near certainty. Tales from the Bible speak of a race of giants  — easily made real today using bionics, steroids, stem cells, gene editing. Placing two of every animal on a single ark? DNA is really, really small.

We are making the fantastical real.

Life first, then death.

We possess the potential to live beyond 100, 200, 500 years of age, like Noah, like Methuselah, like Adam.

And it is no more unnatural than pacemakers, prosthetic limbs, hormone replacement therapy, or living inside a screen. Ready to give those up?

The Bible states that humans were endowed with the potential to live 1,000 years. But the actions of our predecessors — for those who, like me, believe in the book’s teachings — demanded God strip us of this blessing. But what if that original potential remains? Locked inside us, ready to burst forth? The moment we become worthy.

God is waiting.

Good news: We are edging closer.

Better news: The path is clear. The Bible shows us how. The Bible is our makers guide!

The Bible reveals how we make the impossible possible.

Yes, the way forward will be messy, sometimes unsettling, shocking, oftentimes false, faulty. Humans — even humans with godly powers — are not God. But the fantastical will out.

Question: Will you be alive when this happens? When living to 1,000 becomes possible?

Hacking Mortality is here to help you reach this promised land.

To live to age 100.

To understand how age 500 becomes possible.

Finally, to live forever.

Spoiler: God has already revealed how. We just need to follow the Bible’s instruction set.

It’s the end of the end as we know it. 


— Brian