I hope to live a long time. A really, really long time. Fit and fine. And I am and have long been invovled in and admiring of highly innovative, personal technologies. Still, I’m not yet able to bring myself to embrace the whole transhumanist movement,

I want all the things mentioned above, but as me.

Transhumanism strikes me as guaranteeing I will no longer be me.

Still, if you’re interested in this, RAADFest is next month. They make a good case for attending:

There is a big picture message we feel is vital to deliver – that, immortality, rather than being a dehumanizing element as Hollywood vampire stories suggest, in fact brings out the best in our humanity. It doesn’t just end death, it ends the separation between people; by neutralizing the inherent fear of death, immortality empowers us to open our hearts to people like never before. The toxicity of contemporary life is a serious threat to our health, and perhaps the greatest toxicity is that which comes from people. This deathless passion, creates a whole new level of togetherness in which people are lifted by people, rather than brought down.

Food is so important to a long, healthy life. It strikes me as remarkable that capitalism, one of the great communal innovations in history, has figured out that there’s lots of money to be made in making food extremely pleasurable and shockingly harmful.

This movie about food, with a focus on GMO concerns, looks good.

Will you be alive in 100 years?


Imagine all that you could witness in a life that lasted, say, half a millennia.

This looks like a great podcast on the fall of Rome.

I was prescribed a statin. Approximately a year later, concerned about the mounting evidence of its potential harmful impact on my liver, and not wanting to be on a pharmaceutical for the remainder of my life, in large part because my doctor at the time seemed to believe that being on a pharmaceutical for the remainder of my life was an easy fix, I quit taking it.

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